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ILLÉSSY LENKE (founder, desinger)

The story of ille/olla began during my university years and became intertwined with my life. The brand, alongside my four beautiful children, is like the fifth child to me, one that I care for, nurture, find joy in, and express my creativity through.

I founded ille/olla in 2009 after completing my studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, specializing in textile design.

The playful brand name, derived from my name (Lenke Illéssy) and the Finnish existential verb "olla," was conceived during my scholarship in Finland. "Olla raskaana" in Finnish translates to "to be pregnant." I began designing maternity wear in Helsinki, which became the focus of my thesis a year later when I graduated in Budapest.

Early in my career, I received numerous accolades, professional awards, and scholarships:

2020: National Cultural Fund Scholarship - Collection of Warmest Coats - various styles, materials, technologies, and price ranges of padded and lined winter coats.

2019: L'Artigiano Fair, Milan - Participation in an international fair.

2018: National Cultural Fund Scholarship - Wardrobe for Various Female Body Types.

2016: Telki Youth Award, recipient.

2015: Mother of the Year Company, finalist.

2013: La Femme - 50 Talented Hungarian Young Mentoring Program - recipient.

2011: Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

2011: "Gombold újra - Fashion in Hungarian" competition - inclusion among the top 35 most talented fashion designers and fashion show presentation (theme: Revived).

2010: Bio 22 - Biennale of Design, Ljubljana - exhibited work.

2010: Lajos Kozma Craft and Design Scholarship, 3rd year (theme: ille/olla for the whole family).

2010: Hungarian Design Award, Special Prize (theme: ille/olla maternity fashion).

2009: Szombathely Textile Triennial, Design category, Grand Prize (theme: Three Present States of Female Existence).

2009: Lajos Kozma Craft and Design Scholarship, 2nd year (ille/olla: not just for expectant mothers).

2008: Lajos Kozma Craft and Design Scholarship, 1st year (ille/olla: not just for expectant mothers).

2005: "Fundango" - Snowboard Clothing Competition - awarded placement.

2004: "Mozaik" Competition - awarded placement.

2004: Eurotextil Competition, "China" inspiration.

I continue to draw inspiration from my experiences in Finland, as my practical and aesthetically driven design approach aligns with Scandinavian design principles.

In 2011, I changed my focus from designing maternity wear to creating coats of various materials, styles, and technologies using my own unique cutting system. This shift led to winning the Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011.

Between 2012 and 2020, my twin sister, Kata, and I built and promoted ille/olla together.

Currently, you can find our limited edition, uniquely styled, high-collared, asymmetrical coats in our own showroom, online store, international webshop, with Hungarian and foreign partners, as well as at domestic and international trade fairs.

Why did I choose this profession? It might be surprising, but I didn't become a fashion designer because of a passion for fashion. In my teenage years, I felt called by God to pursue a career in ministry. However, at the age of 16, my great-grandmother Kató, then 92 years old, taught me to sew on her old foot-operated Zinger sewing machine. I immediately fell in love with the craft! I was completely captivated by the various materials and structures, the diverse accessories and embellishments. The process of designing, focusing on the smallest details, and finding technological and formal solutions kept me awake at night. The creative flow engulfed me, and ever since, I've been exhilarated whenever I can design and invent new things.

I love the challenge of designing coats. Their design poses technological, ergonomic, and aesthetic challenges for me. I pay great attention to selecting high-quality materials available in many colors. I experiment a lot with the cut lines to find the most advantageous and comfortable silhouette.

My greatest joy is when my customers are satisfied with the coats I've designed and receive positive feedback from acquaintances or even strangers on the street.

Recognition boosts my confidence. A presentation becomes captivating and harmonious when the wearer knows themselves, understands their color and body type, and can emphasize their beauty and showcase their personality with a well-chosen piece.

With my extra service and styling advice, I aim to promote conscious dressing and conscious buying.

That means you!