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Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen
Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen

Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen

Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen
Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen
Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen
Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen
Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen
Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen
Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen
Big pocket FAY - melange light cyclamen

Looking for a trendy and cool, sportily tailored, comfortable, thigh-length jacket that you can easily put on and take off during the changeable, rainy transitional weather?

Check out this limited edition, hungarian crafted  model!

In  its comfortable large pocket, everything you need for a stroll fits right in!


If you are busy anf dont have enought time, check it out the main FEATURES of the jacket:

  • Unique appearance
  • Sporty and cool style, perfect for urban lifestyle
  • Made from softshell material
  • Windproof
  • Water repellent (10000 mm/H2O) - withstands light rain for up to an hour
  • Breathable (300 g/m2/24h)
  • multi-layered
  • Machine washable (gentle cycle at 30°C, use softshell detergent, do not use spin cycle or tumble dry)
  • Large collar with detachable hood
  • Adjustable waist and cuffs with elastic bands
  • Double large pockets
  • Thigh-length design

Recommended for:

  • Broad-shouldered individuals
  • Those with strong chest, back, and arms
  • Those with a full waist (Y-inverted triangle and O-rounded body shapes)
  • Those with a straight body shape (I-body shape) or X shape

Keep reading if you want to get a better understanding of the products before you make a purchase and want to make sure you're making the right choice.

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Coat’s features: 

This coat is made of softshell fabric, perfect for the autumn/spring season. Its large collar gives the jacket a unique character while providing protection to the neck and framing the face. The adjustable, zip-down hood with elastic rubber offers protection against the rain. The jacket features raglan sleeves and an adjustable sleeve hem with elasticated rubber to customise length and fit, protecting the wrist from rain and cold. The closure runs asymmetrically along the front of the coat. The zipper is of high quality (YKK), has large teeth and is concealed by a zipper strap. The zip has two sliders so it can be opened in both directions, ensuring easy movement when sitting and access to trouser pockets. The jacket is slightly tapered and has an elasticated rubber to adjust the back and waist for a tailored fit. Large, roomy pockets consist of a close pocket and a convenient, easy-access pocket. The jacket reaches to mid-thigh  and its length is 92 cm.



This coat truly stands out with its unique, cool and sporty appearance, thanks to its oversized collar, voluminous, giant pockets, and asymmetric closure. You can pair it with skinny jeans, sneakers, or sporty shoes for a casual look. To elevate the outfit, simply wear boots, tights, and a tunic. The coat's collar is so large and dominant that you might not even need a scarf.

Thanks to its careful design, this coat is perfect for everyday wear, fitting seamlessly into a busy, active lifestyle. It's ideal for cycling, rollerblading, scootering,  and city sightseeing, providing both comfort and style. Its giant pockets make it practical for dog walking too – you can stash treats and waste bags easily.

But don't hesitate to wear it to work as well. Its unique cut and silhouette will surely draw attention. Just give it a try!



We want you to be satisfied with your chosen coat and receive plenty of compliments! That's why it's essential to consider body types a bit.

Let's see what body type you are and how this coat would look on you.


It is especially recommended for you if you have a more pronounced upper body than a lower body:


 Inverted triangle, “Y”  body shape

We specifically recommend this coat for you if your upper body is stronger, than your lower body:

If you have an inverted triangle body shape (Y-shaped), this coat is tailored just for you. It's perfect if you have a sporty, somewhat masculine physique, with broad shoulders, a strong chest or back, but a narrow hips, flat buttocks, and long, slender legs.

With this coat, we can visually balance your proportions, harmonizing your figure. We aim to bring harmony between the width of your shoulders and hips. This thigh-length coat leaves your slim, shapely legs exposed and visible. Its large pockets are not only practical but also visually emphasize and highlight your hips.

The coat's slightly tailored waist creates a slim waistline (and you can even enhance this effect with the elastic). The asymmetrical closure elongates the torso, while the raglan sleeve line breaks up the broad shoulders, refining them. Moreover, the large collar at the top of the coat accentuates the beauty of your face.


 Rounded, “O”  body shape

We highly recommend this coat for you if you have curvy, rounded lines. You belong to this shape,  if you're fuller around the waist area: if your stomach is rounded and your waist is thick. Your bust may be small or full. However, your legs are slim. If you used to have an hourglass (X) or straight (I) body shape, but now you wear a larger size, like more that L size, and/or have given birth to a few children, you may now belong to the rounded body shape, and this coat could be an excellent choice for you!

With this style of coat, you can achieve the goal of diverting attention away from your full waist and instead draw attention to your beautiful face and slim legs. The large collar accentuates the face. The asymmetrical closure visually lengthens the torso, narrows the waist, and breaks up the continuous surface of the bust-waist area. The large pocket shifts focus from the waist to the hips. The thigh-length cut allows you to showcase your slim legs. There is ample room around the waist area of the coat to ensure comfort, but it is slimed at the sides and back to create beautiful, slender waistlines. These subtle details contribute to a harmonious appearance.É


Straight, “I” body type:

If the people around you say you  have a boyish proportions or have a model-like figure. If you tend to have slim, athletic, angular features rather than rounded ones. (between s XS to maximum L  sizes, as your body shape tends to lean towards rounded shapes beyond a certain size. This coat fits well even in larger sizes).

You have a straight body type, if your shoulders, hips, and waist are in line with each other, forming a block-like shape, and you don't have a defined, hourglass, slim waist. Your bust is flatter and smaller rather than full and rounded. You feel like your buttocks are more flat than shapely. However, your legs are slim and long.

This coat wasn't specifically designed for this body type, but it can still look good on you! The details of this coat highlight your beautiful face, slim legs, and create a slender waistline. The large collar accentuates facial beauty, while the asymmetrical closure visually slims the waist. The coat is slightly slimmed at the waist and adjustable at the back with elastic rubber. The large pockets are not only practical and comfortable but also visually flattering, drawing attention to the hips. The length of the coat allows you to showcase your slim legs.

One thing to note: check the size chart to ensure that the coat is not too large for your bust!


 Hourglass figure, “X” body shape You have the coveted hourglass figure if you have feminine, delicate, soft, and curved lines. If your hip and bust width are equal, and you have a narrow, so-called "wasp waist." If your bust and buttocks are rounded, full, and curved. This body type is most aesthetically pleasing to people because it's the most proportionate.

When dressing, the goal is to accentuate your slim waist.

We recommend this coat if you enjoy a sporty and relaxed look, and you cinch the elastic at the waist of the coat to emphasize your slender waist. Otherwise, the coat with its large collar enhances the beauty of your face. The asymmetrical closure slims and elongates your body. The large pockets draw attention to the hips. The combination of the large collar, large pockets, and  and the elasticated waist can highlight your perfect hourglass figure.

Pear “A” body shape

This coat isn't recommended for you if your lower body is much more prominent than your upper body. You have a pear shape, if you're proportionate and gracefully shaped from the waist up: your bust is smaller, your shoulders are narrow (or sloped), and your waist is slim. However, your lower body is strong: your hips are wide, your buttocks are round, and your thighs are strong. This coat doesn't accentuate the beautiful details of your upper body. While the large collar emphasizes your beautiful face, the large pockets and the mid-thigh length would emphasize your already more substantial lower body. The coat's wider waist part would obscure your thin and slender waist. For you, we specifically recommend a different model, the illeolla FANNIE coat.




Before placing any orders, please measure your measurements and compare them with the size chart! If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding sizing, feel free to write to us or give us a call!


Measure your height , and with a tape measure yourself in a T-shirt (or in a thin sweater) and trousers. Measure the widest point at your bust and hips and the narrowest point at your waist and compare with the values given in the table. If the figures are different from the given ones, no proble. A difference of 2-3 cm plus/minus centimetres is allowed, because the jacket is larger than the body circumference (+14 cm). 

The jacket is 14 cm larger than the body circumference given in the table at the bust, waist and hips. So you can even comfortably fit a sweater underneath.

The ille/olla M size corresponds to European 38/40, English 12-14, and American 10-12 sizing. There is a difference of 6 cm (2.34 inches) between the two sizes.

The ille/olla size M jacket is right for you if you are 168 cm (+-2-3) tall and weigh 64 (+.2-3) kilograms. There are about 6 kilograms between the sizes.



The coat is made of a smart textile called softshell, specifically designed to meet the comfortable dressing habits of the 21st-century lifestyle. Originally developed for sports and outdoor activities, but we have designed sleek and stylish coats from it that can be worn for everyday wear and elegant occasions as well.


This multi-layered textile is water-repellent, windproof, and breathable; color and shape-retaining, and machine washable.


The softshell material itself is a synthetic fabric (100% polyester), a multi-layered textile. The layers are bonded together using heat pressing in the factory. The inner layer facing the body is a soft and warm thermo (fleece) material. The outer layer is a densely woven polyester fabric that repels water droplets. Between the two is a perforated silicone layer called TPU membrane, which makes the material waterproof and breathable at the same time. This means that in wet weather, you won't get soaked in the coat, and in warm weather, you won't sweat excessively.


The softshell's water resistance: 10000 mm/H2O, breathability: 300g/m2/24. This means it can withstand light rain for about 1 hour without letting water through. Based on our experience, you can wear the coat without a sweater between 10-20°C; with layering, you can wear it down to 5°C.


Material: 100% polyester + TPU




The material of the coat is perfectly suited to the lifestyle of the 21st century.

Minor stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth and detergent.

Its greatest advantage is that it can be machine washed: in a gentle, hand wash program at 30 degrees. However, it cannot be bleached, spun, or tumble dried. It's best to use a detergent specifically designed for softshell (DM, Nikwax). After multiple washes, you can also re-apply waterproofing spray to maintain its water resistance.

If you take it to a dry cleaner, request perchloroethylene solvent cleaning!

If the coat gets oil stains, use spot cleaner on the stain.

If you have any further questions, please contact us! [email protected]

Anyag összetétel
Softshell (100% polyester + TPU)
Machine wash at 30°C gentle, without fabric softener. Do not use a dryer!
Y, O, X, I
Color Type
Spring, Summer, Winter
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